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The Best Paid To Click(PTC) site on The Internet:

This whole web page will focus on a site called ClixSense, it will help you succeed and make money using ClixSense, it will be easy to

follow and easy to understand. It is also 100% free.

1. What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is one of the OLDEST,
most POPULAR and TRUSTED Paid-To-Click site,
existing online since February 2007.

ClixSense has paid over US$1.96 million to
1.86 million members worldwide,
On Time, Every Time!

2. How You Can Join Clixsense?? 

Follow These Steps and Watch Videos Tutorial to Join Clixsense:

1. First Step:

              First You have to  Create an account in Alertpay (Payza) . Alertpay (Payza) is a safe and secure way for people to send and receive online payments quickly and cost-effectively. You will get your Clixsense Earning in your local Bank Account through this

online Payment Processor.                                            

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How to Create Payza (Alertpay) Account:

Watch this Video to Create an Account in Clixsense: 

  • Paid Surveys
    Complete surveys and earn additional income with minimal work.
  • Tasks
    Complete tasks and get paid for them. Once you have completed a task, you are INSTANTLY paid for that task and the funds are
  • added to your ClixSense account balance.

2. How much can a Premium Member earn?

  As a ClixSense Premium Member, you will get

  • 4 x $0.01 guaranteed ads daily and lots of $0.001 ads.
  • 100 x $0.01 Welcome Ads upon upgrade.
  • 50 ClixGrid chances everyday.
  • NEW! $0.50 Signup Commission for every Level 1 referral after $1 click earnings.
  • NEW! 10% Task Commission per completed tasks by every Level 1 referral.
  • $2 Upgrade Commission for every upgraded referral from Level 1.
  • $1 Upgrade Commission for every upgraded referral from Levels 2 - 8.
  • 40% of ad value for every ad your Level 1 referrals view.
  • Sales Commission of 10% up to $2 per purchase
    (limited at $100 per referral).
  • NEW! Lower minimum cashout of $6.


ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs
in the Paid-To-Click industry.

Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you are instantly paid $2.00!
If you are a Premium member and your referrals refer others who also upgrade,
you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels deep!
You just got paid for doing nothing!

3. How much is the Premium Membership?

The ClixSense Premium Membership
costs an incredibly low price of

That's a fraction of what other
PTC websites are asking, and is

valid for 1 year!



Let's take a look at what happens if you were to refer only 5 new members to ClixSense who upgrade to a Premium account. We'll use the same scenario through all 8 levels:


Premium Members

Multiply by level commission rate

Earnings for this level


Total Earnings

Level 1

5 members

$2.00 each



Level 2

25 members

$1.00 each



Level 3

125 members

$1.00 each



Level 4

625 members

$1.00 each



Level 5

3,125 members

$1.00 each



Level 6

15,625 members

$1.00 each



Level 7

78,125 members

$1.00 each



Level 8

390,625 members

$1.00 each



Can you refer 5 new people per month? Refer more to earn even more!

Take a look below at what these sponsors have done in the past 24 hours(16/03/2012)!

 Top 10 Referrals (Last 24 hours )

Member Since: 07 Aug 2010
Member Since: 12 Feb 2010
Member Since: 07 Feb 2012
Member Since: 01 Apr 2010
Member Since: 25 Jun 2007
Member Since: 05 Mar 2012
Member Since: 30 Jan 2008
Member Since: 03 Dec 2011
Member Since: 06 Mar 2007
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